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30 Big Cats Caught Being Adorable






Shared Table Where People Can Work and Cats Can Wander

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As part of my Kyoto project on tea ceremony, I enrolled in a half day class on how to make wagashi - traditional Japanese sweets. Wagashi encompass a whole range of sweets, but the most common types are usually made with anko (bean paste), and mochi. During tea ceremony, there is always some sort of seasonal sweet served with the tea. Among dried sweets, and jellied candies, one other type that I fancy the most, is neriki cakes - one of the anko and mochi types.


If you’ve ever seen wagashi, you know they’re not just a dessert, but an art form in and of itself. Each piece is hand sculpted like clay, using spoons and wooden carving implements to make beautiful designs, or concepts, that reflect the current season. 


In the photo above, our materials (the balls of mochi and anko), and the finished product, made by the head chef. The green wagashi on the left is a snow kissed mountain top, represented by the white hill tops and their fade into the greenery. The pink wagashi on the right is a sakura, cherry blossom, possibly Japan’s favorite theme of all time aside from Mt. Fuji.


I won’t lie, making these wagashi were extremely difficult! I was pretty proud of my 3 layered an and mochi ball (pictured above) that required lots of shaping and smoothing.


 But once it got to the actual sculpting part with the spoon, all my work went to waste, as I couldn’t help but destroy the wagashi as I attempted time and time again to make the sakura’s “petals.” 


The finished product! Clearly, mine are the ones on the bottom. The mountain wagashi turned out slightly better than the frankenstein blossom on the right that I ended up making my own pattern for since the regular one was just too hard.


The professional running the shop gave us a little demo after the class on what a REAL wagashi should look like. He showed us one of his recent creations…


 …a peeled mikan orange!! Isn’t that amazing?? To think you can make edible art like that with just flour, water and anko!


Our certificate after finishing the class! Not that we’re anywhere near being certified to make proper wagashi, but a nice thought!


Mortal enemies.

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Some links I have found in various Tumblr Posts that I have saved on my computer. I do not take credit for collecting all these links. Unfortunately, I did not have the mind to save/note where these various links come from. Thank you to whoever compiled these links together.

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Are we not gonna talk about this? [link]


Art by Ryan Adriandhy ;)



Disneyworld needs to make a rollercoaster based off of the ride Yzma and Kronk take to the lair. When the ride starts, Yzma’s voice yells “pull the lever, Kronk!” and the ride starts to move backwards so she yells “wrong lever!” and it shoots you forward.



im not even sorry for this


[thor voice] SAM, SON OF WIL



I’ve found it. After years of searching I’ve finally found a word that means ‘they got the booty’. My life is complete. 



"Name’s Velocity, babe."

Hehehehehehehehe, for Ironicveghead. I shan’t say anything about this Wally.



Batman and Robin

C2E2 Convention Commission

Pencil and ink on bristol, 9”x12”


Come see me at C2E2, Artist Alley Table U17!

Natasha is incredibly perceptive, and no doubt understands that Steve’s problems are less to do with his fish-out-of-water situation of being in the 21st century, and more to do with his crushing loneliness. Steve gives every impression of genuinely liking people, but he’s lost everyone he ever knew and grew up with, and is surrounded by people that he doesn’t really trust. He’s so lonely that he’s literally at the point of having intensely emotional conversations with a guy he met while jogging at the park, so Natasha is making the effort to help him improve his social life.

All of those girlfriend recommendations also come with a subtextual hint that she doesn’t want to date him, to discourage off the possibility of him getting too attached because she’s his only friend. She’s purposefully putting herself in the role of “bantery team member” rather than potential love interest, and as a result they seem to have a pretty close relationship already — or as close as you can ever get to Black Widow, anyway.

Black Widow and Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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The library at Hogwarts is home to thousands of books and is open until 8pm for those in need of a quiet place to study. Most books are available for loan and can be put on hold but expect popular books to have a waiting list during busy periods.
It is run by librarian Madam Irma Pince, who is infamous amongst the student population for the lengths at which she goes to protect the books. In order to discourage doodling and stealing, she has jinxed many of the books to hit students over the head if any attempt is made.
Much like its muggle equivalent, rules of no food or loud conversations are strictly enforced. As is the rule of no students within the Restricted Section without written permission from a teacher. To further protect students, it has been known for headmasters to completely remove certain books altogether.

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